Irrenoid is an experimental producer from Denver, Colorado who specializes in electronic and metal music and pioneered the Post-Chipstep genre; a unique combination of Chiptune, Melodic Dubstep, and Post-Industrial music. He has been involved with music for nearly 15 years, starting his journey as a recording musician and songwriter before discovering his love of producing as a young adult.

Irrenoid's philosophy regarding artistry has always been that freedom of expression and a willingness to challenge creative and social norms result in meaningful, powerful music regardless of the genre. Being LGBTQ+ and on the spectrum presented many challenges for him, but both have played a key role in his musical development. He also suffered a traumatic brain injury during his childhood that left him with permanent brain damage; the resulting life difficulties have motivated him to keep pushing creative boundaries.

Irrenoid is passionate about the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy, digital data preservation, ethical AI as a supplementary tool for creatives, and the importance of honest communication to foster creative growth.